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How to clean a draft beer tap keg coupler

Https:// Cleaning and maintaining a draft beer tap coupler is no small feat. While this little guy is usually referred to as a tap or tavern head, it is actually called a coupler. This beer tap is called a coupler because it literally ‘couples’ the keg to the delivery system. We show you the difference between an American and European beer tap coupler, how to disassemble it, and how to clean it. If you are studying for any kind of beer certification this could come in handy. Moreover, if you run any draft beer program or have a kegerator at home this will be important to you. One big mistake people make is not properly caring for their beer tap coupler. If you spend time cleaning your draft system but don’t clean your beer tap coupler then you are effectively putting a monster of bacteria back at the dinner table. Brush clean and sanitize your beer tap couplers every two weeks and every 90 days completely disassemble it, soak it in caustic, and clean it. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask!
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