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How to make 5,000 year old beer I Pleasant Vices episode 3

In episode 3 of the Pleasant Vices series food historian Tasha Marks is joined by brewer Michaela Charles and beverage consultant Susan Boyle to make Ancient Egyptian beer.

To find out more about ancient brewing, read Tasha’s article on the British Museum blog, or visit her website to see what else she’s been up to.

Pleasant Vices is a four-part series on aphrodisiacs, beer, sugar and chocolate. Each is hosted by Tasha Marks with invited guests and each has an accompanying recipe film. To accompany this episode Tasha is making a cocktail using the flavours of Ancient Egypt which will be available from Monday on this channel.

With thanks to the Alpha Beta brewery and Pitt Cue restaurant for allowing us to film in their beautiful premises. To find out more visit them here: